April 2022

Lawsuits Challenge the Biden Administration’s Plan to Rescind Title 42 this May

  • an increase in personnel and resources at the border;
  • expanded migrant processing capacity;
  • focused efforts to deport, detain, or prosecute certain migrants, like those who make repeated attempts to cross the border without authorization;
  • partnership with border organizations;
  • increased enforcement against human traffickers and smugglers; and
  • a coordinated effort with regional actors to deter non-asylum-seeking migration.

Supreme Court Revisits the Termination of Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

DHS Announces ‘Uniting for Ukraine’

The Administration Grants TPS for Cameroon



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Marshall Fitz

Marshall Fitz

Managing Director of Immigration at the Emerson Collective. Advocate for humanity, sports junky, 1/2-assed Buddhist, proud papa and spouse. Views obv my own.